Fertilizer Time

Good Morning readers,

We are at that time of the season that it is soon time to put down Fertilizer.

Within the next week or two, you should be out putting fertilizer on your lawn to make it stay

green and lush.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us

Remember the grass is only greener on the other side if you fertilize it.

Fun Learning

This past weekend ( May 25th ) 6 of our employees took part in a First Aid course. 

Its never a bad thing to learn these skills as we work in all types of workplace settings, but not only was it for a piece of mind at work, it was also for a piece of mind at home.

(knock on wood) in the last 5 years we have been in business we have never had a medical emergency on the work site, but thats not saying it couldn't happen.

Right now we would like to give a big shoot out to Braveheart First Aid, they made first aid learning fun.

Here is a link to their website - http://www.braveheartfirstaid.com/


Now here we are into the last week of May, and as most of you know, Apple Blossom weekend starts May 31 till June 3rd, and we have lots of things to do!

Last week really messed us up with all the wet weather we had, so this week we are going full force to get lots of stuff done.

For now I must get back to work

Spring Time

Here it is the 18th of April and we are finally getting some nice warm spring weather.

We have been back to work landscpaing for the last 2 weeks, as of right now we are doing spring clean up's and lining up work for the upcoming months.

I would like to give a big thank you to our returning customers, without you guys we wouldn't be where we are today.

At this time, we also want to extend a welcoming to any new customers that come our way. We are here to help your yard look its best, at the bottom of this blog I will put our phone numbers and email address for anyone who wants to get ahold of us.


Now as anyone who has been following the blogs, this winter we worked on a house, which you can view all the pictures from the time we started to the finished product.
The house is now up for sale.

For now I must go and get back to work.

As The Sod Turns Landscaping
902-365-3103 (office)
902-691-3771 (cell)

Third week in

We now have most of the walls up in the basement and on the first floor. We will have to move the steps back to the center load baring wall before we can finish the wall along the steps and the two bedroom closets.

The bathroom which still has small wall pieces to put up, which at this point we can't do because the bathtub still has to be brought in, and the plumbing has to be done.

The windows and doors will be here this week and will be put in on a priority basis.
We have to put in 5/8 thickness boards on the floors before the doors go in. And the frame for the basement window still has to be finished.

The great news this week is, my electrician is getting my permit and then we can start wiring and my plumber can start the end of the week.
The venmar people are on for the end of the week as well.
So it sounds and probably will be mass confusion, with people tripping all over each other (always good for a laugh might I add).

After three weeks we have made a big change in this house, but in the next three weeks doors, windows, wiring and insulation will be done,as well as the siding and deck.

The caterpillar will become a butterfly.

Second Week

   Creation is an act of shear will power. I've heard that spouted somewhere before. And it can be true in alot of cases. But I am more fond of the saying no battle plan survives first contact. This week started good and ended up changing some things, some for the better.

   We stripped another outside wall and reclad it in OSB instead of fiberboard, this make three. We got all the basement cleaned out and finished supporting all the roof from inside that never had any before. We strapped the entire upper floor and got some painting done over smoke areas. Then things started to vere off my course for the house.

   The building inspector came by and had a few suggestions and requirements for us. He wanted step sizes to be up to code , I'm still working on that. He wants R-40 in the attic and extra insulation on the outside walls, this was a suggestion . The problem with that is the prices of this work will drive the cost past our targets for this area. The insulating we are already doing means he is forcing us to put in a air exchange unit. This I wouldn't have a problem with except he says it has to be certified. And thats where we disagree , as its a simple enough unit to put in and set up. We rely on too many rules today to insulate us from lawsuits that drives the cost of houses out of the reach of the common man. Anyway he liked everything else pointed out some nail spots to fix and after some rejigging we off again.

   On Friday we took off the carport and dug out for the window well, and cleaned up the yard from all the garbage. We found the sewer on the east side of the house and brought it around to the east side wall instead of where it went in on the west side after going around the house.

   So this week will see all interior walls in place and be ready for windows and doors whenever they show up I hope. It will soon look very different. 

Week one

   The first week in our new house project has flown by. The old roof was stripped away despite snow on Sunday night and over the next couple days a new roof was installed. I went with a two toned brown to compliment the siding to come. There was some fascia to replace and a few rotten lower boards but on the whole it was very sound.

   The inside work started with stripping and clean-up. The load bearing wall in the center of the house had to readjusted  to the center of the house about. And as with any reno on an older house you find little surprises, like one side of the house is one inch wider than the other and that old roof rafters can hold up a roof for fifty years with very little support. All the tile and vinyl tile and plywood subfloors are now gone and everything is looking like bare bones. Or possibly a painters canvas if you will, allowing us to change things as we see fit to make our masterpiece.

   This week we are concentrating on getting off old siding and getting on Typar in preparation for the windows which I am hoping will come next week. Good luck with that! There are walls to build inside and the old carport will be coming off. There is still a couple of big things in the basement to come out that will no longer be needed, the old oil furnace and hot water heater. On a funny note two local idiots pulled a board off a window and went into the basement and pulled out the furnace motor and exited the building. While congratulating themselves on a job well done in a slightly drunken state, the town of Kentville police pulled up and arrested them. They spent a night in jail which is their second home anyway and I had a good laugh out of it. They will pass on to their idiot friends that their is nothing worth stealing left and we will not have to worry over small things left there for people with small minds to trot off with. Thank you officer Jason Seal ( I hope I spelled your name right) for your vigilance on the job.

   Stay tuned for bigger  changes and future developements.  

Fall change-up

   Its a scramble every fall to get all the landscaping done for the year and all the fall clean-ups finished before snowfall. This year we managed to get them all done in fine time, mostly because landscaping work kinda fell off a cliff in the past three weeks. Its the first year in five that we have gotten everything done this early and thats good for a change considering that we will be ramping up for our winter work.

   We procured our reno house to work on thanks to our investors and will be working on it into February 2013. The transformation on this house will dramatic, from unlivable to quaint and all new.We will be flipping this house for a modest profit and a quik sale to move on to another project hopefully before spring. Which will put us back into landscaping season for the coming year.

   If the next year is anything like this past one it promises to be a busy one indeed. And I would like to take a moment and apologize to everyone that I didn't get back to , and to all the ones that I had said I would get to but didn't. We became so swamped for a while that keeping up was impossible and I am sorry. It is never my intention to make appointments and not keep them.

   So please follow along with our winter house reno and I'll do my best to keep my blog and explain how the week went. Just because were going into winter doesn't mean we can't plan ahead for spring.   

Spring Pavers bring March blisters

  What a week ! A good week to get out and get something started , and this is just what we did. A sunny warm week meant sunburns and blisters and spring backache ,but it felt good to get out there and play in the dirt. First we had to jack-hammer the concrete and get rid of it and then dig out for our base for our new paver walkway. Then we had to put in drainage for our downspouts and cover everything with class A and tamp it all in layers. The original deck going up to the door was dumping water into the house and causing rotting . Now water will go away easily and looks will much improved.

  Normally we don't start paver jobs quite this early but it was an emergency and there really is no frost this year to speak of. We will be doing mostly spring cleanups for the next two weeks after this, and hopefully the weather cooperates . As long as it doesn't turn wet forever like last year, will be OK .

  I will comment on the weather and our on going jobs every week as well as answering any questions that people put to me , as time allows. I will be answering questions from a practical point of view , unlike most opinions you get from gardeners today. I will give you the chemical way to fix things if any or an organic way if any, because all of these things should work together and not stand alone. So I don't expect to be popular and I don't care either , I'd rather be honest.

  This week a woman asked me to spay her lawn and kill the junebug larvae that are destroying it. The lawn was also heavily mossed after years of lying dormant without treatments . They were going to get me to fix these problems and then they were going to till in compost and rebuild their lawn. I told to save her money and till in good composted manure and plant premium grass seed. Sadly the only fix for junebugs at the moment is to make the lawn as strong as you can and keep it that way. I'm sure they will come out with some pathetic treatment sometime with a higher price tag but not today.

  We will probably see some snow yet but soon spring will be summer and I will be digging in the dirt all the time. Hope you will be to and enjoying yourself.

A New Season Dawns

  I am looking forward to this season of landscaping more so than past ones. Probably because last year was so dismal with the amount of rain we had. But we gardeners are eternally optimistic and look forward to each new season with its promise of rebirth from winters ashes. 

  I am planning on an early start to the season, projected to start spring clean-ups the last week of March or so. I have been away all winter working out west and am eager to get back into it.

  The winter has been warm here with no frost to speak of in the ground so expect a bad year for lawn pests. Cranefly damage will be bad this year and junebug larvae were already bad in areas last fall. Sadly there are no pesticides left that I am legally allowed to use on these lawn pests, unless maybe I could start herding skunks.

  I look forward to seeing everyone and your yards. This promises to be a busy season and I say a less rain filled year. So lets get out there and play in your dirt and grow from it.

A cold wet spring

You knew it had to happen soon. This spring has been cold and wet, making it almost certain that farmers in the Annapolis Valley would be thinking back to the wonderful spring we had last year and also would be talking about how difficult it is this spring to get on the fields and to get started. The Halifax Herald today had an article titled "Soggy spring soaks seeding schedule" which goes into the issue in some depth.


Of course, this weather also effects our work, making it impossible to do some of the projects we had planned. We are looking for a change as well.