Third week in

We now have most of the walls up in the basement and on the first floor. We will have to move the steps back to the center load baring wall before we can finish the wall along the steps and the two bedroom closets.

The bathroom which still has small wall pieces to put up, which at this point we can't do because the bathtub still has to be brought in, and the plumbing has to be done.

The windows and doors will be here this week and will be put in on a priority basis.
We have to put in 5/8 thickness boards on the floors before the doors go in. And the frame for the basement window still has to be finished.

The great news this week is, my electrician is getting my permit and then we can start wiring and my plumber can start the end of the week.
The venmar people are on for the end of the week as well.
So it sounds and probably will be mass confusion, with people tripping all over each other (always good for a laugh might I add).

After three weeks we have made a big change in this house, but in the next three weeks doors, windows, wiring and insulation will be done,as well as the siding and deck.

The caterpillar will become a butterfly.