Let Us Be Your Garden  Guardians

At Kentville’s As The Sod Turns Landscaping, the measure of success for us is not done with a yardstick, but instead with your satisfaction. We understand that like a seedling in the earth, each yard requires a proper amount of care and attention. From hedge trimming to tree maintenance, and everything in between, let us help you turn over a new leaf. 

Our services include:

  • Sodding service
  • Tree service
  • Waterfalls and ponds
  • Retaining walls
  • Lawn maintenance and bed care

Retain Us for Your Retaining Wall Needs

Not only can we spruce up your garden, we can also add retaining walls for that added touch of class. We offer a wide variety of bricks and stones in different colours and shapes to beautify and stabilize gardens and yards of all sizes. Regardless of whether your property is located on a flat or uneven lot, our retaining walls will fortify your garden and 

keep your soil at bay.

Let Us Put Your Yard to Bed

Just like hair, your lawn can get messy if it’s not properly maintained. Let us take care of your lawn at rates that won’t mow you down. We can also perform a complete cleaning and fertilization of your lawn, remove any debris and prevent those pesky weeds from popping up. If you have a flower bed or garden, we’ll put your concerns to bed by eliminating weeds, wilted plants and compacted soil to allow your garden to thrive.

Your Tree Specialists

Trees are a welcome addition to any yard, but they require a check-up once in a while to ensure they’re healthy. We’ll have your trees looking sharp from roots to tip with our maintenance procedures, which include tree evaluation, branch trimming, trunk treatment and seasonal care and pest control.

Above all, we want your property to 
thrive through all of Canada’s seasons! Contact our team of landscapers today for advice and seasonal maintenance.

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