Hi Folks! With summer fading out and fall approaching, we are now into fall lawn treatments. We are here to help you not only enjoy the sight of a healthy lush green lawn, but to also have your home or business looking eye-catching and outstanding.

Individual services are available OR choose a customized package by your choice and budget, we will work with you and your property to have the best possible curb appeal and increase the property value of your home.

Lawn treatment services we offer include:
Lawn mowing
Over seeding (adding more grass seed)
Dethatching (removing dead grass with machine)
Weed spraying
Top dressing (adding soil or lawn leveling)
Other services we offer include:
Chainsaw/tree pruning
Hedge&shrub trimming
Paver walkways & driveways
Patios/hot tub pad/slabs
Retaining walls
Lawn grading
Water drainage
Ponds/water features
Installation of new lawns and new beds
Rock/natural stone work
Fire pits
Round up spraying (walk ways/drive ways/ gravel areas etc.)
Landscape design

We are the only full service landscape company left in the valley to accommodate you and your properties needs. We have a commercial pesticide license for spraying drive ways walk ways etc as well harmful plants and insect pests.

Any questions can and will be answered.

Please contact   Jon Brydon – Owner 691-3771

Joe Dempsey- Head Foreman 691-2774
Fall Lawn Care Season is here!

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